Spencer talks E3 2014 plans: “New IPs, sequels, studios announcement confirmed, focus on hardcore gamers and more”


Phil Spencer, Microsoft Xbox Division boss is back on Twitter after a long gap and as epxected provided some interesting details regarding what’s coming for Xbox One and Xbox 360 at E3 2014 and in the near future.

Xbox OnePhil Spencer first stated that their main focus of E3 2014 will be hardcore gamers and added that the event will be more fan focused.

When asked: “Hope you guys hold off your major dashboard features until your E3 conference. Make it all available for Early Access that day, too!”

Spencer replied: “Good ideas. Trying to make E3 more fan focused, ideas on how to bring people who aren’t in LA to feel like E3 is for them?” and he later on agreed with the views that focus on the hardcore gamers at E3 2014 will be good and its the main demographic for the event.

In addition to this, Spencer confirmed that they will announce both brand new IPs, sequels and new studios they are working on at E3 2014: “Yes, we’ll announce both new IP and new sequels at E3.” and “We’ll announce some new studios we are working with.”

Spencer also confirmed that Xbox One owners in Japan won’t have to wait till TGS 2014 as at E3 there will be some japanese stuff/announcement as well.

Here are few other important things Phil Spencer said on Twitter:

  • Some good news/announcement will be announced pre-E3 as well and May 2014 is going to be good month for those news.
  • Minecraft on Xbox One release date is not yet finalize, Microsoft is still working on with Mojang on the date.
  • When asked a question on Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, Spencer replied: “I have strict orders from @PlutonForEver that I can’t talk about anything related to a 343i IP…”

So there you have it folks, straight from the lion’s mouth, it seems like Microsoft have planned in advance for this year’s E3 2014 after a disastrous Xbox one reveal event and E3 2013.