Spencer will show “Something Special” for Xbox One at E3 2014, Kinect support to continue, Rare’s new IP and more

This week we saw some massive announcement from Microsoft related to Xbox One: “a Kinect-less Xbox One Bundle for 399 US Dollars, Games with Gold coming to Xbox One in June, no need of Xbox Live for entertainment apps like Netflix and official reveal of next-installment in Halo franchise, Halo 5: Guardians”, well that’s hell lot of things.

Xbox One

These are not the only announcements coming from Microsoft before E3 2014, there’s lot more incoming, according to details just shared by Phil Spencer via Twitter.

“This was a good week, we got a lot done and announced. More to come.
There are a few things coming prior to E3. Show is getting set so easier to see what we want to talk about prior.”

When asked why Microsoft decided to showcase/announce some major things before E3 2014, Spencer replied:

“Wanted to make the show entertaining. Some special things I want to show so needed to do some things early.”

Spencer also talked about RARE and their next game. He stated that the studio has lot of ideas of their own for their next game:

“Rare has a lot of good ideas of their own for their next game.”

“I’m supportive of Rare working on the right game for the studio, I’m not pushing them to work on any specific genre.”

Spencer also clarified even though they have now unbundled Kinect from Xbox One they will continue to support the tech with new games and experiences.

“You will see new Kinect games and work from platform on Kinect.”

Lastly, Spencer stated that engineers are making great progress on Xbox One controller support for PC.

“We are making progress. I also play on PC and want the same feature, team gets the feedback from me.”

So there you have it folks, from the confidence of Spencer it seems like Microsoft has finished their homework for E3 2014 and are all set to rock the gaming world.

After Halo 5: Guardians and Xbox One Kinect-less bundle what more are you guys expecting form Microsoft at E3 2014? Tell us in the comment section below.