Spencer: Will Work On Making Amends For SFV, Uncharted 4 PSX Reveal Was Cool, Having Great E3 & Gamescom Is Important

Xbox fans were definitely not happy with Super Street Fighter V’s lifetime console exclusivity deal with Sony and they openly let their frustration known to the top executives at Microsoft including Phil Spencer and it seems that it has worked for them in a big way. Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer via Twitter said that he will work on “amends” (compensate or make up for a wrongdoing) for Street Fighter (give Xbox Community a new banjo kazooie or conker, they will definitely love it).

Xbox One

When asked: “just give me a new Banjo Kazooie or Conker and we can forget this whole SF thing happened Phil.” Spencer replied: “Love the idea of game franchise bartering, I’ll work on making amends for SF.”

But Spencer also congratulated Sony Worldwide Studio Boss Shuhei Yoshida for “Street Fighter V PlayStation 4 exclusive deal” and termed it “COOL”.

“I’ll definitely congratulate @yosp for getting into STF, that’s cool.” said Spencer.

Spencer also talked about getting “XO events” back or have a brand new event just before E3 for new owners of Xbox One. To some extent he agreed about bringing back XO event but added that having “Great E3 and GamesCom” are very important for Microsoft.

“I liked the X0 events. Maybe have our own dedicated event would be better, but having a great E3 and Gamescom is important.”

Spencer then went on to talk about “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” reveal at PlayStation Experience event, he termed it as “COOL”.

“Seeing the Sony 1st party reveals like Uncharted 4 was cool.”

Last but not the least, Spencer provided an update on the development status of upcoming “Twisted Pixel” game, it’s going to be the Biggest Game they have ever built.

“I have seen @twisted_pixel new game. Very different from anything they’ve done before. More work to do on it but great start.”

” I think it will likely be the biggest game they’ve ever built from the look of it.”

Tell us in the comment section below: What type of compensation you want from Microsoft for Super Street Fighter PS4 console exclusive deal: “new banjo kazooie or conker” or anything else?