A speedrunner just recorded the first Spider-Man 2 swingless run


Speedrunner Slyfincketon became the first speedrunner to post a Spider-Man 2 speedrun without swinging—and it was amazing.

The speedrunner registered an impressive time of one hour and 43 minutes, which is an hour longer than typical any percent speedruns of the game.

Spider-Man 2 is one of the best Spider-Man games ever made and is known for having great web swinging physics. The game is built around Spider-Man’s moves and mechanics, and web swinging was considered a necessity to beat the game—until now.

To make it to certain areas, the speedrunner relies on Spider-Man’s speed and other abilities as well as in-game glitches to progress to the end of the story. Momentum is key, as Slyfincketon picks up speed to move around large areas of the map between missions and objectives.

There are certainly areas where the speedrunner can improve the run moving forward, but it would be great to see other speedrunners pick up the category too.

Maybe we’ll even see this category appear at a GDQ in the future.