Spider-Man PS4 LiveStream Info – Dev Talks About Map, Settings, Mary Jane And Other Characters


Insomniac Games recently carried out a Special Livestream session on Spider-Man PS4 from their headquarters. Four big names from the studio – Jon Paquette (the Writer), Jacinda Chew (Art Director), Brian Intihar (Creative Director), and James Stevenson joined the live stream session and shared a lot of never heard before details regarding the Spider-Man – the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game. They talked on a wide range of topics – graphics, setting, characters, and many other things. Reddit user Friv2099 came to our rescue as he made a great summary of all the new information shared by the development team during the live stream session.

Spider-Man PS4 Info On Graphics, Setting, Characters And Mroe

If you are among one of those who wants to watch the entire live stream session then check this Twitch Link. It is around an hour and a half.

  • A lot of costumes to choose from.
  • They’ve been working on the sense of speed and a lot more variety in terms of animations.
  • There is a progression in the game, upgrades, and stuff to unlock for Spider-Man.
  • Bryan Intihar’s (creative director) favorite Spider-Man games are Spider-Man PS1, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.
  • Webs do attach to buildings, they’ve taken lots of inspiration from past games.
  • The map is huge, much bigger than Sunset Overdrive. They had to make it so big because Spider-Man moves and covers ground so fast.
  • Originally, Mary-Jane was not playable but they wanted to show what living in a superhero world would be like for someone without powers.
  • Everything in the trailer was real-time, none of it was pre-rendered cutscenes.
  • Bryan’s favorite part of the trailer was Peter (yes, Peter) pulling his mask down over his jaw in his apartment because it was so hard to animate convincingly.
  • When designing Peter, they had ‘the boy next door’ in mind. Peter’s bracelets he wears in the trailer are in fact emergency web-shooters, just in case anything happens whilst he’s not wearing the suit.
  • Mary-Jane and Peter have known each other since high school, their relationship status is ‘it’s complicated’.
  • Aunt May will be helping people and not sitting at home making wheatcakes, they felt it was part of her soul.
  • Things as Spider-Man are good, things as Peter are bad and vice versa. Peter gets evicted from his apartment.
  • The game explores all aspects of Peter’s life, not just Spider-Man.
  • Playing Peter will not be a hassle.
  • Wilson Fisk was the big bad, Peter had been chasing him for years and his arrest leads to bigger threats for him to face.
  • Miles Morales volunteers at the Feast Homeless Shelter, he knows Peter and Aunt May.
  • Miles is 15 years old to Peter’s 23, he attends Midtown High School and the two characters have an important dynamic.
  • Miles was originally not in the game.
  • Norman Osborn was the head of Oscorp, he is now running for re-election for Mayor of New York.
  • Mary-Jane discovers Devil’s Breath.
  • The Sanctum Sanctorum was in the trailer, Dr. Strange exists in this universe. New York is a very Marvel New York.
  • It’s still Spider-Man’s story, Spider-Man’s game. Peter will comment about various Marvel landmarks as he swings by them.
  • Not an exact 1:1 recreation of New York.
  • Captain Yuri Watanabe, she believes Spider-Man is a force for good and works with him in the game. The rest of the police force and the city in general has more of a love/hate relationship with Spider-Man.
  • Mary-Jane is not a damsel-in-distress.
  • They’ll be dialing the glossiness down on the suit, it was an issue with the lighting they were trying to correct and it ended up making the suit look more like plastic than spandex. They’ll be working on it right up until shipping.
  • Bill Roseman easter egg in the trailer.
  • Mister Negative gets stronger throughout the game.
  • The game is not finished, no release date set other than 2018.
  • The game is set in 2018, Peter was bitten by a spider in 2010.
  • Harry Osborn was friends with Peter and MJ in high school, he’s in one of the pictures in Peter’s apartment.
  • Both classic and new characters in the game and there’s a lot of them, there’s so many they haven’t revealed yet.
  • The Shocker shown in the trailer is Herman Schultz.

Source: Reddit