Spider-Man On PS4 Pro Will Run At 4K via Temporal Injection, 30FPS, 60FPS Not Really An Option – Insomniac

 Spider-Man On PS4 Pro Will Run At 4K via Temporal Injection, 30FPS, 60FPS Not Really An Option – Insomniac

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man PS4 gameplay demo walkthrough was the best reveal of PlayStation E3 2017 press conference if you missed it then watch it below now. Immediately after the reveal of the gameplay demo, Insomniac Games via Twitter has been sharing a lot of new information about the game and today is no different as they shared another set of interesting Spider-Man PS4 information, mainly focusing on the technical aspect.

Spider-Man PS4 Pro Information

When asked by a fan on Twitter: at what resolution Spider-Man game will run at PS4 Pro: native 4K resolution? and at how many FPS? to this Insomniac replied that the development team is using the same technique that was used in Ratchet & Clank: it will be 4K resolution via Temporal Injection and at 30FPS.

“4K via temporal injection, 30 fps” replied Insomniac Games.

When asked further: whether the development team provides a two playable mode for Spider-Man on PS4 Pro: 1080p/60FPS and 4K/30FPS? Insomniac replied that 60FPS on PS4 Pro is not a feasible option for PS4 Pro (possibly due to a CPU constraints). When asked: On the Pro, could you make an option for 1080p60fps? Would be sweet to at least try the game in 60fps? Insomniac replied:

“Nope, not really an option there. We will optimize for the best experience on PS4 and PS4 Pro.”

Lastly, Insomniac Games confirmed that there will be a First-Person view option in Spider-Man PS4, but it won’t be available to the players at their will. The developers have decided to limit it to the specific part of the game (the reason behind this decision was not revealed).

Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 does not carry any release date, but a recent hint from Shawn Layden suggests that it will be available in 2018 (and possibly during early-part of 2018). The map size is said to be 4 to 6 times bigger than Sunset Overdrive, it is a single-player only game, Miles Morales makes an appearance but it will be more than a cameo.

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