Insomniac Explains Why Spider-Man Game Is Not Releasing On Xbox One and PC

Insomniac Games - Spider-Man Game For PS4

Insomniac Games has detailed the reasons why Spider-Man is going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive game when it releases next year. As explained by IG’s official Twitter account, Spider-Man IP is now completely in the hands of Marvel, which has handed it out to Sony in order to establish a new deal in gaming. Sony, that works exclusively on its own platforms, has decided to assign the game(s) to Insomniac Games.

Spider-Man PS4 Game

And, indeed, here’s what they said to fans questioning why Spider-Man was going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive title:

“We can’t change that. Spider-Man is a Marvel property. We don’t control that. Sony doesn’t do multiplatform games.”

We understand why this is quite disappointing for players: after the Resistance franchise, Insomniac Games revealed it was going to work on multi-platform titles and not PlayStation exclusive anymore.

Since then, it released two multi-platform games: Fuse, published by EA, and Sunset Overdrive, published by Microsoft. Both the IP, which haven’t been so successful in terms of sales, are now in the hands of Insomniac Games and will have follow up only should someone fund them. Pre-order you SpiderMan PS4 copy now from AMAZON.

Update: E3 2017 Spider Man For PS4 Gameplay Video Out, Release Scheduled in 2018.