Splatoon 2’s new European splatfest is a lot better than last month’s

Splatoon 2 Update

After last month‘s toilet paper fiasco, Nintendo is finally giving European Splatoon 2 players a splatfest worth fighting for—kinda.

This month, players can choose between breakfast options—do you prefer a warm breakfast, like bacon and eggs, or a cold breakfast, such as cereal and fruit?

Players can choose to represent either side of this debate starting on Nov. 4 and duke it out against the opposing side throughout the weekend. The team that wins the most matches and is the most popular will come out on top.

Although this topic is better than last month’s splatfest, European players are still perplexed by the lack of creativity going into the monthly events that happen over a single weekend. North America had a far better splatfest in the form of vampires vs. werewolves during Halloween, leaving European players understandably upset.

There‘s no news yet if the same splatfest will happen in North America, but chances are the NA event will be something entirely different.