Splatoon 2 Receives One Last Weapon For 2017


It may be the holidays, but Nintendo is still updating Splatoon 2 with a brand new weapon. The Undercover Brella is headed to the ink-based shooter tonight for gamers around the world.

The new weapon, which was unveiled earlier today on both the Nintendo U.K. and Nintendo Versus Twitter accounts, looks like an umbrella and acts a bit like one too. Joining the Brella weapon family, the Undercover Brella comes with a protective shield, which protects the player from harm.

The Undercover Brella also comes with the Ink Mine weapon as a sub weapon, and after charging up its special meter, players can unleash a Splashdown attack to rain damage on the ground. It’s sure to be a relatively versatile weapon once it lands.

At least, Splatoon 2 players will know for certain once it releases this weekend. For U.S. players, the Undercover Brella is available with Ammo Knights as soon as tonight. Meanwhile, the U.K.’s Splatoon 2 players will receive the update on Dec. 30 in the morning. Otherwise, Splatoon 2 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

H/T MyNintendoNews