Splinter Cell: Conviction Free Weekly DLC

Yesterday we inform you about the freezing issue face by the gamers of Splinter Cell Conviction along with its solution, now there is more good news for you regarding the DLC of the Splinter Cell Conviction, Ubisoft has decided to give away free guns as Weekly Complimentry DLC release, kicking this off with a MP7A1 Machine Pistol. This will be available soon for the gamers by today or tommorow via game’s Extra Menu. Officially this MP7A1 will be coming out on 15th April. Splinter Cell: Conviction Freezes Resolved – Ubisoft

How long this offer of DLC will remain is not yet out officially but it resemble to disrtibution strategy introduce by EA with their game title “Mass Effect 2”.

The only and best thing to notice for the gamer is that the DLC is free so thumps up to Ubisoft for this.