Splinter Cell: Conviction Freezes Resolved – Ubisoft

Are you Xbox 360 user who have purchased Splinter Cell Conviction on the first day of it release and try your hand out and got a unpleasant experience in the second level of it, Don’t worry if you are because it is not you only who had this game freezing issue in the second level and this happen because of bugs in the game and for which Ubisoft has a temporary solution availble. The permanent fix for this issue is already been announce by Ubisoft and is gone under development.

A Ubisoft representative told that the issue is already resolved and now gamers will be able to play withouut any further problem, He further add that gamers can download the update and play there game hassle free.

If you didn’t know about this update or forget to download this update don’t worry, this issue may get resolve without patch as Ubisoft told to check and clear Xbox 360 system cache and see whether the issue get resolve without patch, and this clearing of the system cache can be done by following the steps given below:

  • Navigate to the Xbox 360 dashboard
  • From there go to “System Setting” and there select “Memory” option
  • Selct your Hard drive and the press “y” to go to your drive option
  • From the drive option select “Clear System Cache”

Even after trying both the option of getting this freezing issue solve and not getting successful you are left with option of checking for more updates on Ubisoft board.