Spotify Takes Over For Xbox One’s Groove Music Pass


Spotify is set to become the main source of music for Xbox One users. It arrived on the console in August of this year after a period of exclusivity on PS4. Groove Music Pass is set to close on December 31st 2017.

Groove Music Pass users will be able to move their playlists and collections directly to Spotify. The can also avail of a sixty-day free trial of the service. Anyone who has a Music Pass subscription that extends beyond the closing date will receive either a refund or a Microsoft gift care for the remaining amount.

The app will still be supported right up until it is closed in December, and it is thought that users can begin moving their lists in mid-October. Users will need to download any purchased content before the app is fully closed. From the end of December, the app will act only as a way to play locally stored music, anything online will be unplayable.

Microsoft have released a detailed FAQ filled with relevant information for people who will be affected by the change.

Spotify was launched in 2008 by a Swedish startup. Since then it has become one of the Internet’s largest music streaming service and is thought to generate about two billion dollars a year in revenue. It boasts over 140 million users, with roughly half of those opting to pay for the premium services.

While Groove Music Pass was an essential app for Xbox One at launch, replacing it with Spotify is just good business and is sure to land well with users.