Square Enix announces Crysta currency for FFXIV

Square Enix has today reveal their online payment system called Crysta for their upcoming game title FFXIV and they also said that this system is not only for user in Japan but also for North America and Europe user. The online payment system is currently available in Square Enix Account Management System.

Final Fantast XIV

Phil Rogers, President Square Enix said, “The introduction of Crysta is an exciting step for Square Enix,”.

“Our business is actively looking to create new on-line entertainment and deliver high quality content and services and having a safe and simple payment method is an important part of our online strategy.

For buying out the Crysta one can make use of their PayPal account or time card from PlaySpan: Ultimate Pay. It is also available on some of the online retailer gaint such as GamesStop, Walmart, Best Buy.

There is a limitation to a number of Crysta a user can hold in their account at any given time.

The details for buying Crysta is given below:

  • 500 Crysta – $5/£-€ 5/€5
  • 1,000 Crysta – $10/£10/€10
  • 2,000 Crysta – $20/£20/€20
  • 3,000 Crysta – $30/£30/€30
  • 5,000 Crysta – $50/£50/€50
  • 10,000 Crysta – $100/£100/€100