Square Enix’s Holiday Sale Features Deals For Hitman, Final Fantasy XV, and Life is Strange


Christmas season is here, and that means the holidays deals are already pouring in. Barely a month after Black Friday, GOG has already opened up its Holiday Sale, and now Square Enix’s is live as well.

Square Enix’s Holiday Sale lasts from Dec. 14 to Dec. 21 at 11:59pm PST, with over 300 games on sale through the publisher’s online store. While the deal is admittedly short compared to GOG’s, which ends on Dec. 26, there’s still plenty of hit games on sale through the site. And yes, that includes Final Fantasy XV, Life is Strange, and Deus Ex. Here’s some of the highlights from the deal.

Although both Square Enix and GOG have their holiday deals underway, many more distributors are just getting their holiday setups ready. Steam, for instance, still has its holiday sale for later this month. And other sites and distributors are expected to join in on the fun soon, like Origin, Amazon, the PlayStation Store, just to name a few. So check back in the coming weeks ahead for more Christmas sales before 2017 ends.