Square Enix Replaces Nier Automata Trailer Revealing PC Steam Release Date


Something unusual happened yesterday, when Square Enix and Platinum Games provided fans and press with a new Nier Automata trailer called “Arsenal of Elegant Destruction”. Basically, the ending of the trailer revealed that the game would release on Steam on March 10, which is the European day one for the PlayStation 4 version.

Nier Automata PC Release Date Leaked

That trailer was quickly removed from the Square Enix website press and replaced with another version including only a reference to the PlayStation 4 release (March 10, indeed). We don’t know why this is happening now, if there is a proper release date set for the Steam version now, if the game is coming upon day one for PC too, or anything else.

In previous statements, Square Enix and Platinum Games said Nier Automata would be coming to the PC, and specifically on Steam, at a later date because of their concern about the piracy topic. So it surely came as a surprise to see that they were reportedly planning to launch the PC version together with the PS4.