Square Enix Talks About Final Fantasy XV PC Port, Exclusive Features Like Mods And Quest Making

Even though fans of Final Fantasy are platform agnostic, meaning that the series became almost an emblem of the PlayStation legacy but ultimately gets much love by PC, Xbox and Nintendo supporters as well, Final Fantasy XV hasn’t been released on PC yet. Square Enix has always said it is interested in the matter, but never went into details about specific plans to build this version.

Final Fantasy XV: PC Version And Mod Support

Hajime Tabata, the game director himself, talked about a possible PC build of Final Fantasy XV during a recent interview released to the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu, where he confirmed his interest into making it a reality.

“I’d like to release the game on PC as a technical attempt. I want to show PC users Final Fantasy XV running on high-end machines, and we personally would like to see it, too. Also, I would like to try developing on PC to pursue a unique way of playing with PC-exclusive features like making your own quests and enjoying the world using things like mods,” he told Famitsu.

It’d be great to see how Final Fantasy XV could ultimately perform on high-end machines, free of technological limits it has been encountering so far on consoles. Moreover, it’d be played by a much wider audience, which should be great for Square Enix as well. So, when is this happening?