SSX: Deadly Descents will be coming out in 3D: PSM3

First concrete details regarding EA’s upcoming snowboarding video game SSX: Deadly Descents is out, and guess what its a big one for the fans of franchise. SSX: Deadly Descents will be playable in 3D.

If information in the latest issue of PSM3 magzine is anything to go by that the next installment in the SSX series, “SSX: Deadly Descents will offer 200+ real world tracks mapped using NASA topography data that too in 3D.


Todd Batty, SSX: Deadly Descents, Creative Director said “Some of my team saw me playing SSX Tricky and thought it was a Wii game”

“SSX had this amazing casual candy bar wrapper but inside was this amazing hardcore gameplay experience…we want to deliver what SSX players absolutely love, just change the wrapper so it sits a bit better on PS3”.