Star Fox 2 is being transferred to original SNES cartridges and sold on eBay


Fans who were lucky enough to get an SNES Mini over the past two days have already found a way to take the code from Star Fox 2 and put it on original SNES cartridges—and resell them.

Star Fox 2 was canceled for the original SNES in 1995. But when the SNES Mini was announced in June, Star Fox 2 was surprisingly included as a part of the system’s 21-game collection.

Sadly, however, fans have had a hard time finding the system with stores selling out in a matter of minutes. It seemed like the only way players were going to get to play Star Fox 2 after 22 years of waiting was to pay a scalper selling the game on eBay for an absurd amount.

Now though, eBay sellers are putting Star Fox 2’s code into SNES cartridges to sell at a premium for buyers looking to add the formerly canceled game to their collection, instead of buying the SNES Mini from stores.

It’s pretty crazy that fans have already found a way to break into the console’s code, take out the game, and resell it in the short amount of time that the system has been available.