Star Wars Battlefront 2 Single-Player Campaign Rests at Five to Seven Hours


Star Wars Battlefront 2 isn’t far off, and the game promises to land with a dedicated single-player campaign mode. Now, the game’s campaign length has just been revealed, and its hours are looking to stay in the single digits.

Jade Raymond’s game development company Motive Studios is working on Star Wars Battlefront 2’s single-player campaign mode, and an interview between Press Start and Motive Studios producer David Robillard has revealed just how long Battlefront 2’s campaign will last. In short, expect to spend somewhere between five to seven hours in-game to beat it.

“We thought that around five to seven, maybe eight hours is probably a good amount of time,” Robillard told Press Start. “We wanted to stay very driven towards the Star Wars fantasy that the players are going to experience and not have it be drawn out.”

Press Start’s Damian Filippone reports that he spent about an hour and a half in-game playing through the single-player campaign’s initial three chapters, so it seems the game will progress quickly enough in those five to seven hours. There may be free single-player DLC on the way for Battlefront 2 as well, but Motive isn’t making any promises. For now, the studio wants to see fans’ initial response before moving forward.

“We’re not ready to announce anything at this time, we’ll see based on the reception the single-player has, if we offer free DLC or not,” Robillard told Filippone.

Battlefront 2’s upcoming single-player mode focuses on Iden Versio, leader of the Imperial Special Forces’ Inferno Squad, who works with her soldiers to salvage the Empire after its collapse in Return of the Jedi. The campaign launches along with Star Wars Battlefront 2’s multiplayer mode on Nov. 17 for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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