Original Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Returns With GOG, Disney


Pandemic’s 2005 multiplayer shooter, Star Wars Battlefront 2, was revered as the best Battlefront game in the series’ history, outpacing EA’s Battlefront reboot even after 10 years. So instead of letting the game die out, Disney and GOG have resurrected Battlefront 2’s multiplayer, letting fans hop back in and play around the world.

GameSpy shut down in 2014, effectively killing off Battlefront 2’s official servers. Battlefront 2 fans could still play online, but they had to use Hamachi, GameRanger, and other applications just to play online. This significantly cut down on the community’s playerbase, as some felt the added step was too much effort to replay the game.

But thanks to behind-the-scenes work between GOG and Disney, Battlefront 2’s multiplayer servers have been officially restored through GOG Galaxy. Battlefront 2 also supports GOG Crossplay, so while GOG officially revived the servers, Steam users can also enjoy the reinstated multiplayer action and play against their GOG counterparts.

Star Wars fans rejoice!” the game’s Steam update reads. “Multiplayer support has returned for Battlefront 2. Now you can draft your friends to the 501st legion and join up to 64 other players in a heated online battle for control of the galaxy.”

In the meantime, EA and DICE’s take on Battlefront 2 launches later this year on Nov. 17. Initial gameplay trailers show off a vastly improved Battlefront experience, with some claiming that the second launch from EA is an upgrade from the companies’ initial release in 2015.

Battlefront fans can make that call themselves after playing through the 2005 game’s resurrected servers. And for newcomers, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is currently on sale for $3.99 at GOG, making now the perfect time to get reacquainted with the classic multiplayer hit.

H/T Heavy