Star Wars: Battlefront Dev On PS4 vs XB1 Resolution Differences, Why Adaptive Resolution Was Not Used

 Star Wars: Battlefront Dev On PS4 vs XB1 Resolution Differences, Why Adaptive Resolution Was Not Used

Last week, Electronic Arts released Star Wars: Battlefront beta across all platforms. The beta was running at 900p on PlayStation 4, and on 720p on Xbox One, and this difference in resolution figure brought back the memories of resolution-gate once again. Was there any technical difficulty DICE faced when deciding on the resolution of Star Wars: Battlefront? DICE’s Technical Director, Johan Anderson talked on this interesting topic and many other things on Twitter.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Digital Foundry in their Star Wars: Battlefront tech analysis report stated that although, the beta build on Xbox One runs at lower resolution, actual content is identical to PlayStation 4, and it’s a decent match for PC’s high graphics setting. This means that the texture and shadow quality in Star Wars: Battlefront beta is same across both consoles.

So why there is a difference in resolution? According to DICE’s Johan Anderson, the development team behind Star Wars: Battlefront were of the opinion that they don’t want to sacrifice the visual fidelity and FPS of the game for resolution. He added that every development team has the right to make a decision on this.

“frame rate & fidelity is indeed king, don’t want to sacrifice it for resolution. but a choice each game team does” said Anderson in response to a query from the fan.

In addition to this, Anderson also explained the reason behind why DICE didn’t go for the popular Adaptive resolution tech for Star Wars: Battlefront? According to Johan, DICe did think of using the tech but then gave up the idea because of the complexity factor.

“thought yes, implemented no. can be extra complex combined with the temporal techniques we use,” said Johan.

For those who are unaware of, Adaptive Resolution tech was used in recent Xbox One games such as The Witcher 3 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Developers uses this tech in areas where FPS is smaller than 60FPS. The upcoming Xbox One exclusive game Halo 5 will also make use of this tech to maintain a stable FPS.