How To Get Star Wars: Battlefront II Beta Code Without Pre-ordering Full Game

Star Wars: Battlefront II beta is now available only to those players who pre-ordered the game, others will be able to join the beta starting from October 6. If you are among one of those Star Wars Battlefront fans who can’t wait till October 6 then there is a way for you to enter Battlefront II beta without pre-ordering the game. This trick was discovered by Reddit user DerTagestrinker – here’s what you have to do to get Star Wars: Battlefront II beta for free right now.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Beta Code Without Pre-order

How To Get Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Code Without Pre-ordering

  • Step 1 – Go to the EA support ticket request screen – link here
  • Step 2 – Choose the platform that you want to play the Star Wars: Battlefront II beta on.
  • Step 3 – Select “Codes and promotions”
  • Step 4 – Select “Invalid code”
  • Step 5 – Now you will be asked to give the details about the error message on the screen. It’s all up to you to type whatever error message you want, but it would be better if you type the error message something like – “My Battlefront II beta code did not work and I pre-ordered Star Wars: Battlefront II”
  • Step 6 – Select your region.
  • Step 7 – A new Pop-up window will open up and it will ask you to provide the information about your EA account – feed it. After you provide the required details you will be asked to give a short message that will be added to your support ticket. I will recommend you to keep this message same as the error message you listed above. The thing to keep in mind is here is that – provide the working and correct email address.
  • Step 8 – Submit the details
  • Step 9 – Wait patiently for at least 10 to 15 seconds – you will receive two emails one after the other – the first email will mostly be about your support ticket and the second one would have a new working Star Wars: Battlefront II beta code.

Try out this method, it has worked for many players, you can also be one of those select few lucky ones that will play the beta without pre-ordering the full game. If the above method didn’t work for you then you will be left with just one option, wait until October 6.

Source: Reddit