Star Wars Battlefront II Community Manager Mat Everett Receives Death Threats

Electronic Arts response to the Star Wars Battlefront II Hero Unlock Controversy failed to calm down the fans of the franchise. They are frustrated with the way Electronic Arts has implemented microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II, and how they letting their frustration out – by downvoting the official response of EACommunityTeam on Reddit (it is now the Most Downvoted Comment In Reddit History). This is not the only means – things have gone out of hand – fans have started to issue death threats to the EA Star Wars Community Manager – Mat Everett.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Dev Receives Death Threats

Mat Everett has revealed via Twitter that he has so far received 5 death threats (all of them came today itself). He first clarified his Arm Chair Developers comment: “The arm chair developers on this internet”, by stating –

“My tweets earlier had nothing to do with community remarks or topics within or around SWBFII. I made a tweet about a general thing and people claim I am speaking about my games community complaints. #disheartning #Frustrated Sorry to those who think it was about Star Wars.”

And then went on to reveal about the Death Threats – “Had about 5 of those today.”

For those who arrive on the internet just a few hours ago and have no idea of about what exactly is going on – here’s a short re-cap. According to report shared by Reddit user Heroes in Battlefront II needs to be unlocked via in-game credits, for example – in order to unlock Luke or Vader in Star Wars Battlefront II, players will need to have 60000 Credits.

Reddit user “TheHotterPotato” did a bit of research on “How Much Time You Need To Spend Playing Battlefront II To Unlock ONE Hero”, and came to a conclusion that you need to play at least 40 hours to earn 60000 in-game credits – our full report on the analysis can be read: Battlefront II Hero Unlock Controversy: EA’s Reply Becomes Most Downvoted Comment On Reddit.

So far whatever evidence has been put up on the internet – Electronic Arts looks like the main villain. Just take a look at this latest one which arrived just a few hours ago – Review Copies of Star Wars: Battlefront II has an altogether different arrangement for Microtransactions and Loot Boxes. It seems like Electronic Arts does not want Battlefront II Reviewers to reflect this 40 Hours or 60000 Credits Hero Unlocked Controversy, in the review build of Battlefront II, 10000 credits have been listed as the requirement to unlock a hero.

“Star Wars Battlefront II.. what a mess of a Lootbox/Microtransactions game. And don’t expect Reviews to reflect that. A locked Hero costs 60.000 credits in the final version right now. But reviewers played a version where they cost 10.000.”


Death Threats continues – Sean – Game Developer At EA has this to say about the Death Threats he received today over Star Wars Battlefront II controversy.