EA is making much-needed improvements to Star Wars Battlefront II


Star Wars Battlefront 2’s credit system is getting a series of big changes in response to a massive amount of fan backlash. 

The Star Wars multiplayer title has been a hot-button topic with both its loot crate and progression system, and after EA offered a tired excuse for why the system performed the way it did, fans were left essentially rioting online. EA managed to receive the “honor” of the most-downvoted comment in Reddit history following its attempts at smoothing things over. 

While the loot crates and microtransactions were simply removed from the game in their entirety temporarily, EA has been looking to make some improvements to the issues still plaguing the game. Today, the company made a statement on its official blog that there are changes being made to the rate at which credits are earned. 

Going forward, the amount of credits players receive at the end of a match will be increased, as will the amount that top players on both sides of a match get. Unfortunately, the Arcade Mode credit cap is simply being tripled instead of being removed entirely. This is a band-aid fix for a problem fans are still going to take issue with, of course, but perhaps it’s better than nothing. There are also a few new login rewards that will hand out crafting points that can be used for Star Cards, as well as a few other smaller alterations.

EA is planning on more changes coming down the line, it seems. “While these are only some initial steps toward making much larger changes, some of these are ready to roll, and are available starting today,” the company said. 

Star Wars Battlefront II will also see a new wave of additional content beginning tomorrow, Dec. 5, where “The Last Jedi” season will include new heroes, vehicles, and maps for players to explore in addition to new single-player missions and Faction Challenges. The game is far from fixed, but at the very least it looks like changes are coming down the line.