Revoke EA’s Star Wars Battlefront License Petition Goes Viral – Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II is surely going to go down as the Worst Game 2017 and the two reasons for it are: (the first one is known to each and every one of us) the massive backlash and outrage of fans surrounding the Microtransactions and Loot Boxes in the game, and secondly – players who have bought the game even after hearing so much negative things are still unable to play the game due to Server Issue (suffers from extreme rubberbanding) and many other bugs and issues.

Star Wars Battlefront II - Petition To Remove EA Goes Viral

A thread has just gone viral on Star Wars Battlefront sub-Reddit – the title reads: “EA those of us who don’t care about loot boxes still cant play your game”. This thread currently has 93% upvotes and this is what the user who started the thread wrote in it: “I got the game as a gift. Even if I ignore the terrible progression and loot box system, and all the countless bugs and other issues, the game remains unplayable. The servers are all suffering from extreme rubberbanding. No, it’s not me, it’s DEFINITELY you, EA. How can you allow such awful server issues over Thanksgiving weekend, of all times? It’s like you want to drive away the few people actually trying to play. “

The damage and bad name these controversies have brought to the Star Wars Brand are clearly beyond the control mode – Electronic Arts is the only one entity to be blamed for it. One prime example that I can give about it right now is a PETITION on ChangeORG that asks Lucasfilm to revoke EA’s License for Star Wars video game. So it’s pretty clear that Electronic Arts have fallen down even further in the eyes of Star Wars Battlefront fans and they want a sweeping change made to the License and Agreement between Lucasfilm and EA.

The petition was started just a week ago, and it has so far received “16,579” Signatures (at the time of writing this). Read the conclusion part of the petition below:

“All of this is starting to have a major backlash on EA in general, with hundreds of thousands now committing to cancel preorders and boycott the game and future games completely. EA made a Reddit post answering concerns of the fan base and I can proudly say that in less than 24 hours of that post going live that it is now the most disliked post in the entirety of Reddit, with a whopping 230 thousand downvotes. This seriously shouldn’t be surprising from the company that has won worst company in America for two years in a row. Lucasfilm, if you cannot see that EA is seriously abusing and harming the Star Wars brand then you are part of the problem. The longer you keep partnering and working with EA then the more damaging your famous brand will become. Do the right thing, do it for your consumers – end this nonsense once and for all and give the Star Wars License to a developer or publisher who will actually treat the franchise with care and quality, because if the last 4 years are anything to go by then it’s pretty clear that EA doesn’t care about either of those things.”

In short, as far as Star Wars Battlefront video game franchise is concerned – the damage is pretty big and Electronic Arts is the only one to be blamed for the fiasco. Will Lucasfilm listen to this demand of fans? We are closely monitoring their next move. Stay tuned.