Star Wars Battlefront II vs Battlefront I Sales Disappointing In US – Down By 50% Margin

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a promising game, during the teasers and trailers, moreover, the addition of the campaign was all going well for EA, until the open beta. The open beta led to the game becoming a failure. Failure not because there was any flaw in the gameplay or storyline but, the play-to-win micro-transactions.

Star Wars Battlefront II vs Battlefront I Sales Comparison

The micro-transactions in the game is the root of its downfall. Unlike other games where micro-transactions include cosmetic add-ons or granting a few extra abilities, Battlefront II’s micro-transactions affected the core gameplay and game progression as Battlefront 2, has a pay to win system. And a lot of casual gamers are avoiding the game which made a dent in the sales of the game. This controversy is definitely one of the biggest in the history of gaming.

According to Wall Street Journal, the game has managed to sell only 882,000 physical copies to the US which is about 50% of what its predecessor had managed to sell in the same duration. Not only that the first day sales of Battlefront 1 was 60% more than Battlefront 2.

Now, these numbers are based upon physical copy sales only, excluding the digital copies as the NPD group just shows the physical sales. Therefore, the numbers are not completely accurate.

The sales have not only been affected in the US but also in Japan and other countries as well. Seeing the heavy impact of micro-transactions, EA has promised future improvements in the microtransactions, but it seems that it won’t help in improving the sales further.

Let’s just wait and hope that EA and DICE learn from their mistakes.