Stardew Valley Switch Bug Plagues Saving


Stardew Valley launched on Nintendo Switch earlier this month to critical acclaim. But a gamebreaking bug may halt the game short for Switch owners.

The problem first came to light after Switch players created a thread on publisher Chucklefish’s forums. One Reddit user reported that, during the sixth day of spring, Stardew Valley crashed while saving. The player’s save file was left intact, but the game would simply start up from the sixth day, only to crash at bedtime once again. Other users reported similar problems across seasons, suggesting that the bed bug may deal with a larger problem in the game’s coding.

For the uninitiated, Stardew Valley is separated into days, split across four different seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. After running out of things to do, players can hop into bed to fall asleep, after which the game will save. Players then wake up at 6am the next morning to continue working on their crops, hang out with villagers, or go adventuring, just to name a few things. But without going to bed and waking up the next morning, players cannot save their progress each night. That means players are stuck on whatever day is glitched.

In the meantime, Chucklefish knows about the bug, and the team’s developers are working on a fix. But first, it needs to replicate the problem before finding a solution.

“We’ve been working to try and reproduce this bug so we can get a fix out for it ASAP,” Chucklefish told Polygon. “The issue isn’t very common so it’s not something that we’ve been able to reproduce just yet, but detailed reports from players who are experiencing this are definitely helpful in determining the cause.”

For now, it’s unclear how to prevent the problem. Some players avoided mining in-game, while others passed on upgrading their axe at the blacksmith’s shop. This seemed to do the trick in some cases. But the save bug seems to affect players in different ways, suggesting there’s an underlying issue in Stardew Valley’s port that’s causing the issue. So mining or upgrading an axe isn’t necessarily the root cause behind the crash.

At least the bug doesn’t appear to affect save files. Chucklefish reports that saves are left intact and aren’t corrupted or impacted by the bug, at least to the team’s knowledge.

“At the moment, we don’t believe the crash is causing damage to players’ save files,” Chucklefish said.

Hopefully, the bug will be patched out soon. In the meantime, Stardew Valley is available now for PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Linux, and Mac.

H/T Polygon