Upcoming Stardew Valley Update Brings New Winter Event and Profession Tweaks


Stardew Valley fans are dying to hear more information about the game’s upcoming multiplayer mode that is coming for 2018. And while information still remains limited, the game’s solo developer, Eric Barone, just detailed a list of new features. And that includes changes to Professions.

In a tweet late yesterday, Barone announced multiple new additions to Stardew Valley in the game’s next content update patch, ranging from new player features to more events. Here’s the list of upcoming changes, listed below in Barone’s original tweet.

It’s unclear what the new winter town event will be, and it remains to be seen what additional NPC events players can expect for Stardew Valley. However, re-specializing Professions will certainly appeal to many fans who have played through a significant portion of Stardew Valley.

Originally, once players reached level five and level 10 in a skill’s proficiency, they were forced to pick a Profession to specialize in for Farming, Mining, Foraging, Fishing, and Combat. This prompted some problems for players who prefer a more versatile approach to their farming adventures, because they were essentially pigeonholed into a specific skill branch.

Re-specifying Professions will give players a lot more versatility when they upgrade their skills, promising an improved farming experience overall. Not to mention, signs are sure to come in handy once multiplayer launches next year. So fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future.

As for when the new Stardew Valley content update will arrive, it’s unclear. However, expect the update to land on PC, Mac, and Linux first before it heads to consoles, according to a tweet by Barone. In the meantime, Stardew Valley is on sale for both the Humble Store’s pre-Christmas sale as well as the Steam Winter Sale, so give the game a shot if you haven’t already.