State Of Decay 2 Online Zombie Game and Sunset Overdrive PC Version Announcements Incoming At E3 2016?

Sunset Overdrive Review

It’s E3 time, baby. Or, better, it’s pre-E3 time and this means brace yourself, rumors are coming. It looks like Xbox media briefing is the most rumored thing in the industry right now and a lot of possible announcements could be coming right there, on June 13.

Sunset Overdrive

First of all, it looks like there will be a lot of talk about zombies. We’ve already discussed Dead Rising 4 rumors, which look pretty sure to be revealed thus far, and there will also be room for a State of Decay 2 announcement, according to the latest chatter.

Insider Enter the Dragon Punch has ‘confirmed’ State of Decay 2 will finally fulfill Undead Labs’ vision for a zombie based MMO, as it is going to be an “an online zombie game”. From the looks of it, the title is going to be announced at E3 2016, and it is possible for it to be revealed for a simultaneous release on PC and Xbox One (cross-buy?).

Talking about PC, it seems this platform will have an important role in Microsoft’s press conference, as rumors have it Sunset Overdrive to be ported over Windows 10. Source is “very, very solid” about this. Pretty honestly, it is the most inspired Insomniac Games production ever. So fingers crossed

An announcement about this and even more could be coming at E3 2016, during Microsoft media briefing, so keep an eye on Gamepur for all the latest rumors and information from the Los Angeles event.