Steam Curator’s Fall Update Promises Storefront Enhancements


Good news for Steam shoppers worldwide. Some major changes are headed to Steam, this time through the service’s Steam Curator system. According to a recent post on the Steam Blog, Valve is expanding the Steam Curator service to enhance its capabilities for Curators, players, and game developers.

First off, Valve is improving the Steam Curator system so players can see their Curators’ recommendations while reading through tags and genre sections. Players shopping in the “strategy” tag, for instance, can read through their favorite Curators’ game reviews on the webpage while looking to buy a new game. Video embeds are also coming to Steam Curator, so shoppers will be able to watch Curators’ videos while reading through their recommendations and reviews.

Curators will also be able to create individual lists for recommending specific genres. So for instance, if a Curator wants to recommend games perfect for streaming on Twitch, they can create and curate a list for their Curation page. Once the update lands, Curators will have more customization options for their page too, including custom backgrounds. And Curators will be able to look at statistical data showing whether their feedback helped followers purchase a game on Steam.

There’s also an upcoming Curator Connect feature coming out, which lets developers send over press copies to interested reviewers on Steam. Curators can then accept or deny requests, all through Steam, streamlining the game review process.

Right now, Valve says it’s hosting a closed beta with a couple dozen Steam Curators that cater to “different sizes, niches, and languages.” There’s no NDA involved, so expect more information on the upcoming update in the coming weeks ahead.

There’s no specific date available yet for the Steam Curator update, although Valve says it’s planning to host the beta “for at least a couple weeks.” It’s currently slated for later this fall.