YouTuber Angry With Low-Quality Steam Game Recreates Title From Scratch


Ever play a game so terrible that you could make a better one yourself? That’s how YouTuber IAmPattyJack felt after playing Glitch Simulator 2018.

Glitch Simulator 2018 was released in late September on the Steam store for $2.99, and the game is so poorly developed it almost defies belief. The FPS promises players a virtual world where bugs and glitches literally break the game’s world, letting players explore the game while shooting zombies. In reality, the game is a sloppy project built on the GameGuru Engine, a game creation tool for players with little programming knowledge.

IAmPattyJack pointed out that Glitch Simulator 2018 uses default models and textures straight from GameGuru. So in response to the Steam title, he created Smorsh Simulator 2018, which he claims took “20 minutes” to create. And comparing the two back-to-back shows they’re practically the same game.

“Play as Smorsh as he encounters various wacky bugs and glitches so he can break through the mirage,” IAmPattyJack wrote on the game’s page. “Fake games are everywhere…”

IAmPattyJack’s parody points to a larger problem with Steam Direct, in which Steam publishers simply have to pay $100 to post a new game on Steam. In principle, the service removes barriers that traditionally haunted indie developers trying to get their games on Steam, but Steam Direct also lets novice developers throw low-quality money grabs onto Steam as long as they have the money to spend.

In IAmPattyJack’s comments, other Steam users criticize dthe system, agreeing that “fake games” plague Steam’s distribution store.

“Steam is slowly turning into garbage like mobile game stores,” one user commented.

“Great indicator of how the $100 Steam Direct is a total failure,” another wrote. “These games should not be on Steam. The fee needs to be increased to $500, I’m sure the crapware makers would think twice if it was.”

It remains unclear for now if Valve will retool the Steam Direct service. But with $100 celebrating poorly developed games from high quality indie titles, it’s hard to justify the low entry price if the Steam store continuously faces low-quality releases.