Steam now formally recognize OSVR content

New Steam update adds OSVR for user to identify quality VR content on the store. Users can checkout which available game content has a VR support and access it with ease. Being a widely open gaming platform, addition of OSVR will bring helpful service for many to get access to a huge amount of content adhere to consortium guidelines.

OSVR Steam

An icon of OSVR will be reflected below the content reflecting its VR availability. Taking out steam as a platform will give a higher boost to VR developers along with a fund process initiated for those who came out with some unique idea in the sector. Talking about the available VR marketplace, popular providers like Oculus have their own store, along with the highly anticipated and sold PlayStation VR.

Above all Steam turns out to be an exceedingly valuable platform due to its large user base for the PC platform. Common standards will guide developers to compile superior content for the users. Many games coming with VR support that gives users a unique way of getting immersive experience on high end gaming.