Stranger Things is getting a VR game on the PS4


Hot on the heels of the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, Sony has announced a PlayStation VR title inspired by the series is “coming soon.”

The hugely popular thriller show will be getting the virtual reality treatment with Stranger Things: The VR Experience. The news was announced in this short trailer that was released during Paris Games Week.

Details on the project are scarce, including when it will be released, but the imagery in the trailer will lead to believe that the game will take place during the show’s first season.

The prospects of Stranger Things as a video game are pretty cool. Considering that it’s called an “Experience,” though, odds are that this will be more of a hands-off horror type game that puts you right inside the spooky world of The Upside Down in Hawkins, Indiana.

Virtual reality lends itself pretty well to this type of setting, so it will be interesting to see how the game pans out when it’s released. Considering the video description says that players will “feel the terror of The Upside Down,” it sounds pretty exciting.