Street Fighter V Is Getting Thrashed By Players: “A Game Wrapped Up In A Shoddy Package With A Premium Cost”

 Street Fighter V Is Getting Thrashed By Players: “A Game Wrapped Up In A Shoddy Package With A Premium Cost”

Capcom’s Street Fighter V received the mixed reception from big gaming publication across the globe, we ourself gave it an review score of 7.5 and termed it as a “Not A Remarkable Comeback”. It seems like fans have also not liked the game and have let their frustration known to Capcom via Steam Review section. Street Fighter V has been thrashed by the Steam reviews, at the time of writing the game has received “896 positive reviews” and “1308 negative reviews”. Some of the biggest issue mentioned by the players on Steam are “game content, extremely light.”

Street Fighter V

This is really a weird thing considering the fact that Street Fighter V is a high profile game that received a lot of betas but still stumbles out of the starting line like this. Here is few Steam users review of Street Fighter V:

1: Closed beta, open beta, and now officially released beta… it looks like devs release games and complete them while people playing them. if u wanna get it then don’t bother for now… the story is so rushed multiplayer feels incomplete and so few modes are available.

2: This is…honestly, it’s just pitiful. I’ve been playing Street Fighter since the first game hit the arcades here in 1987 when I was a child. I say this to say that I hold Capcom to a certain standard as a long time fan, and this release falls woefully short of their prior standards. This game is currently a full priced release without half of the content of previous fighting games in the series or of its contemporaries (Story mode, trial/challenge mode, a proper arcade mode, etc.), without proper support for fighting controllers/sticks, without basic PC quality of life features like key remapping for a keyboard.

This game isn’t currently worth the price tag. Perhaps it will be somewhere down the line as there’s a decent core game here wrapped up in a shoddy package with a premium cost. Unless you have an abundance of disposable income there are better offerings for your hard earned currency.”

Yesterday we covered a story about Top 15 Biggest Issues in Street Fighter V, the list was made by a user on Reddit and it seems like he was spot on with it. How many of you feel cheated by Capcom with Street Fighter V: priced $60 but content offered is not worth? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.