Street Fighter V Roster Size Is 16, Time/Weather Effects In Stages, New Mechanics, More Comparison Screenshot

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Today, a credible YouTube user has shared some interesting new details about upcoming installment in Street Fighter franchise, Street Fighter V. The video was shared (now Private) by a French commentator Ken Bogard and he shared details about some of the new features Capcom has added to the highly anticipated sequel.

Street Fighter V

About a week ago, Ken Bogard revealed that Street Fighter V will be powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, and this was confirmed by Capcom today via press release. So, Ken Bogard is indeed credible.

Bogard also revealed that development team at Capcom will add “Time and Weather Effects” in Street Fighter V, new mechanic called as “V-Trigger” which will allow players to change their fighting stance.

Furthermore, Bogard revealed that the roster size of Street Fighter V is going to be just “16” as well with no Super Street Fighter 2X + EX style update being planned. Lastly, Bogard revealed the reason behind the existence of PC version of Street Fighter V, because Capcom wanted to release SFV on PC for their fans in Africa, Latin America and South Asia.

Below are the full details shared by Bogard, take it with a grain of salt as Capcom has not yet officially confirmed it:

  • Time / Weather effects in stages
  • Release date : 2016, before the end of the fiscal year.
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • The new mechanic is named V-Trigger : You can change your stance.
  • 16 characters
  • No Super Street Fighter 2X + EX (Updates kinda like League of Legends / Killer Instinct)
  • The story mode will be way much better.
  • The PC version is here mostly because they want to bring the game to Latin America, South Asia, Africa.

Another set of Street Fighter V vs Street Fighter IV Comparison Screenshot, graphics/visuals department will get a massive upgrade that’s for sure.

Street Fighter IV Screenshot

Street Fighter V Direct Feed Screenshot