Super Mario 64 Online presents a new twist on a classic speedrun game

Super Mario 64 Online, a fan-made Super Mario 64 multiplayer game, was released today—and it seems like the game could be an instant hit.

This game is a faithful recreation of Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64—but this version allows players to link up on a server to play with each other online using a bunch of Mario-themed characters.

Each character has unique abilities and skills that will help you in the game when playing with friends or against rivals. Super Mario 64 Online was made with freedom in mind, meaning that players can either work together to beat the game as normal, face off against friends to finish a stage quicker than anyone else, or create their own game modes to have fun online.

Speedrunners have already been jumping into the game to try it out online, racing each other for certain stars or trying to beat a level as quickly as possible in real time. Fuzzyness and MelonSpeedruns—one of the main collaborators with the project—are just some of the speedrunners who have tired out the game.

Super Mario 64 is one of the world’s most popular speed games. At AGDQ 2016, popular speedrunners 360Chrism and Snowman played a mod of the classic game, allowing two players to work together to complete challenges. It was a huge success and is one of the most beloved GDQ videos to date.

For those wanting to try out the Super Mario 64 Online for themselves, Kaze Emanuar released a handy tutorial showing you how to setup the game.