Super Mario Odyssey’s amiibo aren’t required to unlock everything in the game


Super Mario Odyssey is launching later this month alongside a collection of new wedding-themed amiibo figures. The figures will unlock certain costumes and items in-game, as is par for the course with most amiibo releases.

IGN states that Nintendo has confirmed the items unlocked by the Super Mario Odyssey amiibo can be earned in-game. This includes the special wedding outfits for Mario, Peach and Bowser that can be obtained in-game without the need to scan their corresponding amiibo. So if you’re not into collecting the colorful figures, there’s no need for you to start now. 

That said, if you are a hardcore amiibo collector, there are still several uses for the ones you already own in Super Mario Odyssey. There will be a use for each of the figures, with special costumes, items, and more unlockable with each amiibo you scan. Here’s hoping the Bayonetta and Cloud amiibo have some sort of special function, like maybe a Bayonetta costume. That would be pretty hilarious.

It’s not surprising that these costumes won’t be locked behind amiibo due to previous practices by Nintendo. Previously there was some controversy surrounding the Nintendo 3DS title Metroid: Samus Returns regarding “Fusion Mode,” which is locked behind the Metroid amiibo figure available for purchase in a two-pack set.

While the game does come with the “hard” difficulty and doesn’t require an amiibo to unlock it, the amiibo pack being hard to come by made fans understandably upset. Perhaps this is Nintendo’s way of changing things up so as not to frustrate fans who don’t want to pay extra for additional modes.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on Oct. 27 for Nintendo Switch.