New Super Mario Odyssey footage shows off new Cascade Kingdom areas


Super Mario Odyssey looks more whimsical every time we see it in action, and the latest footage of an area known as Cascade Kingdom is no different.

The Game Informer team headed over to Nintendo for an exclusive look at the Cascade Kingdom, which you can watch part of below. The video follows Mario as he “grows” a Dry Bones from his head through the magic of Cappy, the hat that lets him control enemies and other NPCs in the game.

The video’s real draw is a hilarious look at Mario controlling a T.Rex via Cappy as it roars to life and begins stomping around the world, crushing anything in its path. The Mario dinosaur knocks Chain Chomps out of his way with finesse, which is even funnier when you see Mario’s mustache adorning the dinosaur’s face.

There’s also a brief glimpse at one of the clever 2D sections where Mario is transformed into his classic 8-bit self. These segments find him navigating classic Super Mario Bros. segments stitched between regular environments. The seamless transition between open world exploration and 2D platforming is intriguing. 

The clip culminates in a boss fight with a colorful, obese rabbit wearing a dress that looks a bit similar to Pauline’s outfit from the Super Mario Odyssey trailer. She has a golden Chain Chomp that she uses to attack Mario, who just slings it back at her and gets on his way. She’s easily felled, and Mario gets on with his life. It’s probably one of the simpler encounters in-game.

The video is a great reminder of all the unknown that’s out there waiting to be discovered within the world of Super Mario Odyssey. Luckily there isn’t that much longer to wait, as the game lands on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 27.