Speedrunners are taking over stores to speedrun the Super Mario Odyssey demo


Super Mario Odyssey isn’t available to purchase for another two weeks, but that hasn’t stopped the speedrunning community from taking over stores to try to beat the demo as quickly as possible.

The Super Mario Odyssey demo has been put in stores across the United States, giving players a brief chance to play a level of the game for a set amount of time. So naturally, speedrunners have been spending time at stores recording themselves trying to finish the demo as quickly as possible.

The speedrun is known as demo percent, with speedrunners racing to defeat the boss at the end in the fastest time. The demo itself gives speedrunners an early opportunity to work on in-game maneuvers and tricks before Super Mario Odyssey is even launched.

It’s insane to see just what speedrunners have been capable of achieving in the game already. Movement and pathing is key to any Mario game, as players need to travel across large worlds in order to collect as many moons as possible. And these speedrunners are making sure they’re well equipped for when they get their hands on the official game.

Speedrunners won’t have to wait much longer to set world records, however, because Super Mario Odyssey will be officially released on Oct. 27.