Super Mario Odyssey Fails To Beat Splatoon Sales In Japan – Famitsu


Famitsu, the popular Japanese Magazine has revealed how many units of Super Mario Odyssey was sold in Japan in the first three days. The game sold 511,625 units, according to the details shared by Famitsu. This figure is excluding the digital sale of the game and including the sales of the Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle.

Super Mario Odyssey First 3 Days Sales

During this same time period, the sales of Nintendo Switch also saw a big jump as it sold 133,000 units. For comparison purpose, Nintendo Switch sold only 24,000 units in Japan just a week ahead of Super Mario Odyssey release.

What Super Mario Odyssey didn’t manage to do is break the sales record of Splatoon 2 for the first three days. Splatoon 2 was released in July 2017 and it sold 670,955 units in first three days. This means the hype surrounding Super Mario Odyssey before the launch was legit, but it was a bit less as compared to Splatoon 2. None the less this is still a win-win situation for Nintendo and Nintendo Switch.