Super Mario Odyssey lets Mario wear Peach’s wedding dress


Princess Peach, Mario, and Bowser are all clad in beautiful wedding attire in Super Mario Odyssey, with matching amiibo figures available for purchase. It turns out that the Peach amiibo will come with a very special outfit for Mario: a wedding gown. 

Early recipients of the trio of new amiibo created specifically for Super Mario Odyssey have taken to Twitter with a look at the upcoming figures. Scanning in the Peach amiibo has been confirmed to unlock a special wedding dress identical to Princess Toadstool’s. You can equip it on Mario himself to make for a striking addition to his wardrobe. It’s even got the adorable veil!

Using the Peach amiibo will also help find Life Up Hearts to keep Mario fighting fit. The other two amiibo figures feature both Mario and Bowser in their respective wedding attire as well. Mario will also grant you temporary invincibility, while Bowser provides assistance with finding coins throughout each area. 

If you’re not interested in collecting amiibo, you don’t have to pick up any of the figures to nab the costumes they unlock. You’ll be able to get them in-game via other methods, which Nintendo has confirmed on its official site. Beautiful wedding outfits for everyone!

Super Mario Odyssey launches on Oct. 27 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.