Super Mario Odyssey To Have Online Mode, Hints Australian Classification Board

Super Mario Odyssey will have some form of online mode, according to the details revealed by Australian Classification Board. The rating recently send out a press release regarding the classification status of Super Mario Odyssey (copy of the press release is posted below) and in it, they talked about changing the recommendation of Nintendo from PG Mild Themes And Violence, Online Interactivity to “PG Mild Violence, Online Interactivity”.

Super Mario Odyssey Online Mode

“Nintendo recommended the game (Super Mario Odyssey) be classified PG with consumer advice of Mild Themes and Violence, Online interactivity. The Classification Board agreed with PG classification but decided that the more appropriate consumer advice would be ‘mild violence, online interactivity’.”

What exactly the term Online Interactivity means here? Nintendo hasn’t officially announced any related to the online features that will be available in Super Mario Odyssey. What we can make out of this Online Interactivity thing is that it could be anything like Stages as DLC content, players putting up Ranking And Stage information, Miiverse, and many other such features.

To hope to get more details on this from Nintendo as the release date of Super Mario Odyssey near. The game is scheduled to launch on October 27 on Nintendo Switch. So stay tuned.

Super Mario Odyssey - Australina Classification Rating Board