Super Mario Odyssey gets a video refresher ahead of launch


We’re only a few weeks away from Super Mario Odyssey dropping on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 27. That’s not very far off, so Nintendo has released a special overview trailer showcasing what we can expect to see in the game when it’s launched.

If you haven’t been keeping up with all the latest developments in the world of Super Mario Odyssey, the video introduces you to Cappy, Mario’s new wearable partner. Cappy’s responsible for those big eyes you may have seen on Mario’s hat in the promotional materials. He’s not just for show, as he can help Mario to “possess” things like dinosaurs, enemies, flames, and more.

You’ll also get to see the new ship Mario uses to get around the expansive new areas, such as the Luncheon Kingdom or the Cascade Kingdom, rife with sentient food and even a menacing Tyrannosaurus rex. The themed worlds are one of the biggest draws, as is typical of Mario games.

You’ll also check out some of the mini-games, the cooperative gameplay option known as Support Mode, as well as the awesome-looking Snapshot Mode, which is probably going to launch a million memes as you can snap and edit pictures in the game as you play, much like the hilarious version of said mode in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

It’s a lot to take in if the last Mario game you enjoyed on a console was Super Mario Galaxy or one of the new Super Mario Bros. titles. This could be the most ambitious Mario game we’ve seen in some time.

Check out the trailer and see what other goodies you can spot. Then grab a calendar and join the rest of us in counting down until the end of the month.