Super Mario Odyssey Will Run At 1080p In TV Mode – Nintendo Customer Support


Super Mario Odyssey is the biggest release of 2017 on Nintendo Switch. The hype surrounding the game is massive and Nintendo has a tough task at hand of making sure that the game lives up to the explanations. One of the key information related to Super Mario Odyssey that is missing is at what Resolution the game is going to run in handheld and docked mode. Nintendo was asked about it at this year’s E3 and they responded that they are still working on the technical aspect of the game. The build that was showcased at the E3 2017 was running at 720p in docked mode.

Super Mario Odyssey Resolution - Docked And Handheld

Our friend at Digital Foundry recently did a tech analysis report and discovered that the resolution of Super Mario Odyssey in docked mode has been improved from 720p to 900p.

There is a new update today on the internet (via Nintendo Today website) that Nintendo has improved the resolution of Super Mario Odyssey once again, it now runs at 1080p in docked mode. A user of Nintendo Today website contacted Nintendo Support website and asked about the resolution of Super Mario Odyssey and this is what the reply came:

“On handheld mode, the highest resolution will be 720p, while in TV mode, the highest resolution will be 1080p.”

Is this native 1080p or a dynamic 1080p (i.e. 900p upscaled to 1080p) – we have no confirmation yet. Also, as these come from a random source – it would be better for us to wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo.

Two early Review Scores for Super Mario Odyssey has arrived on internet (and both came from reputated publications) – Edge magazine awarded the game a perfect review score of 10/10 and called the game a “A True Reinvention Of The Sandbox Platform“, and popular Japanese publication Famitsu awarded the game a review score of 39/40.