• Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 register big sales figure during 2010 in U.K

    According to the annual report of the Interactive Entertainment Association UK (UKIE), the gaming market in the UK last year registered a decline in sales of over 13% in comparision to 2009 figure.

    Xbox 360 Vs PS3

    Its latest report reveals that total sales of hardware and software amounted to 4.8 billion dollars, which equals 2.26 billion sale of video games. 

    The most lucrative market was of Xbox 360 it managed to sell 18.2 million software units, while PlayStation 3 followed behind with 13.8 million. 

    As for hardware, the fight between the two was more even with the Xbox 360 reaching a total of $361 million, while PlayStation 3 nearly tied with $357 million.

    The peripheral market achieved the not inconsiderable figure of 25.8 million units ($848 million).

    UKIE did not reveal sales figure details for Nintendo.

  • Newzoo: In 2010 Video Game Industry Generated revenue of $25 billion

    2010 has been one of the best year for gaming industry, as it generated a revenue of a whooping $25 billion.

    According to market research firm Newzoo, in 2010 consumer spending on video games touches $25 billion mark leaving its competitors the movie industry and music industry way behind.

    Details about the breakdown of $25 billion is given below in pie-chart, check it out:

    2010 video gaming revenue detail

    The pie-chart clearly shows that PC retail gaming sector has seen a drop of 19 percent in comparision to last year whereas spending on console is down by 29 percent. Check out the complete report of Newzoo here.

  • FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 New Edition Confirmed

    Electronic Arts today announced a new edition of its game FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010, To congratulate the victory of Spain in the World Cup.

    The cover reflects the shield of the Spanish national team jersey with a star on it, referring to the first victory for Spain in a World Cup.

    FIFA World Cup 2010, Special Edition

    The launch of the game will take place on Monday at a reduced price. FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 Special Edition and Star features for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSP and Wii for €44.95 , €44.95 , €39.95 and €39.95 respectively.

  • MMA Release Details for UK and US

    EA reveal all the release details for MMA. MMA will be coming out in the United Kingdom on 22nd October 2010 and 19th October 2010.