3DS games

  • Metroid to announce for Nintendo 3DS?

    Nintend0 3DS reveal event is schedule to take place on january 19, in Amsterdam, and it has been confirmed that U.K celebrity Jonathan Ross will host the event for Nintendo.

    Now going by the above details it is clear that Jonathan Ross has some inside information about what all things will be happening at the event. Earlier today many fans of Nintendo were contactiong Ross via Twitter to give out some sort detail about upcoming event.

    Metroid: Other M

    One of the fan name "darrenkerwin" tweeted thi to Ross: "@Wossy It’s absolutely fine, I don’t expect you to spill anything, it’s nice to have a surprise. I have my fingers crossed for Metroid.." And to this Jonathan Ross replied: "@darrenkerwin I think you’re going to be pleased then…"

    Whether Ross here is talking about a new Metroid game or a 3D remake of Metroid is yet to be known.

  • Official list of games in development for Nintendo 3DS

    The great mystery is revealed now. Yesterday Nintendo 3DS got a release date of 2011 and it will not arrive in 2010 as rumors revealed.

    The final date for Japan is the 26th February 2011, for a price of 25,000 Yen (to change) i.e $300 or €219 approximately. Nintendo has confirmed that for Europe and America there is currently no definitive date, but it will be few weeks later after the Japanese release.

    Nintendo 3DS

    At the moment, the official catalog is undated and it is unknown which titles will launch in Japan, but for now this is the list of all games currently in development:

    • Resident Evil Revelations
    • Super Street Fighter IV
    • Samurai Warriors Chronicle
    • Ninja Gaiden
    • Dynasty Warriros Musou
    • Dead or Alive
    • Chocobo Racing 3D
    • Kingdom Hearts 3D
    • Super Black Bass 3D
    • Super Monkey Ball
    • Sonic
    • Animal Crossing
    • Licca-Chan 3DS
    • Kid Icarus: Uprising
    • Star Fox 64 3D
    • Steel Diver
    • Mario Kart
    • Pilot Wings Resort
    • Nintendogs + Cats
    • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    • Marble Mania
    • Deca Sporta
    • Bomberman
    • Gundam
    • Dragon Ball
    • Super Robot Taisen
    • Rige Racer
    • Pac Man & Galaga
    • Professor Layton and the Mask of the Miracle
    • Class of Heroes 3D x 3D,
    • Ghost Recon Tactics
    • Splinter Cell 3D
    • Driver 3D
    • Crash City GP
    • Vs-Robo
    • Combat of Giants Dinosaur 3D
    • Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater
    • Saint's Row
    • Mega Man Legends 3 Project
  • Square Enix announces Puzzle Bobble 3D for Nintendo 3DS

    Square Enix, very well known company today announced a new project for Nintendo 3DS. The game is puzzle type, titled as Puzzle Bobble 3D, a new installment of Taito.

    This 3DS version will follow the same premise as its predecessors, like colored bubbles has to be eliminated comes on display.

    Puzzle Bobble 3D for Nintendo 3DS

    It also includes a new mode called Gimmick Bubbles, which will be put 3D space to use. Its release will take place in 2011 spring in Japan.

  • Ubisoft announces Driver 3D for Nintendo 3DS

    It seems that very few franchises making their debut for Nintendo 3DS. Ubisoft has announced the development of Driver 3D (tentative title) a new title in the veteran saga driver to arrive in the future for Nintendo 3DS.

    Have not given many details of the game, beyond that it should be out in 2011 and you can see the first screenshot below.

    Driver 3D for Nintendo 3DS

  • Nintendo will make hardcore games for 3DS

    Nintendo is planning several agreements with external developers to create hardcorefor games, what they call, 3DS serious games.

    Nintendo's president said he had gone far to make the developers to embed their creations to the catalog of Nintendo 3DS, and so we saw at E3 last games were presented as Dead or Alive, Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid.

    Also, subtly said during the interview that Japan's giant plans to make the successor to Wii is compatible with 3D technology.

    Also confirmation from Iwata that Nintendo plans to "make the successor to the Wii 3D compatible". "A full-scale entry into this field will take some time because 3D televisions will not catch on right away," Iwata said.