• Agent Trademark Renewed One More Time

    Rockstar Games has renewed AGENT game trademark one more time. Sadly, there is no detail on whether Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive are currently working on it.

  • Rockstar Games launches Agent official website, says "Coming Soon"

    It seems like Rockstar Games is gearing up for an official announcement of AGENT. The developer has just launch an official website of the game carrying a logo and a text "Coming Soon". This new update comes immediately after Take-Two extended the AGENT trademark. Well it seems like E3 2014 comes early. Agent was announced way back in 2009 at E3 as Playstation 3 exclusive title.

    The game is set during the Cold War and will take players into "the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations", according to a Rockstar press release.


    Rockstar has yet to reveal any details regarding the setting other than the fact that it will be set in the late 1970s.

    On 15 August 2011, Leigh Donoghue, a former Rockstar North environmental artist who worked on Grand Theft Auto IV and Agent posted the first images of Agent in his online resume. You can check them below.

    The shots show a character as well as various indoor environments from the game. Both of the images clearly mention that they were made in 2009.

    You guys can check out the website Here.

    Agen Artwork

    Agent Artwork

  • These Three Could Be "Mind Blowing PS4" Related Announcement At PS4 All Access Event

    Some massive Playstation related announcement will be coming our way on November 14 (a day before the launch of PS4 console in North America) at 11PM EST via Gametrailers and Spike TV host Geoff Keighley from PS4 All Access Event.

    PS4 All Access Event

    Geoff, Hideo Kojima and others have already teased mind blowing PS4 related announcement at event via Twitter. Apart from few industry professionals no one has any idea what these amazing PS4 related announcement will be.

    Few developers has already confirming their appearance at the event along with details about the content they will be showing for example Bungie will showcase something related to Destiny and Naughty Dog will showcase The Last of Us Story DLC, but the question here is what else?

    According to us here is list of three announcement that perfectly define "Mind Blowing PS4" related announcement at PS4 All Access Event.

    AGENT From Rockstar North As PS4 And PS3 Exclusive:

    Geoff in one of his tweet stated that even Shuhei Yoshida was surprised by one announcement yesterday during a taping for PS4ALLACCESS, so i am keeping my finger cross and hoping for the best that we will finally going to see long lost "AGENT", a brand new IP from Rockstar North.


    Agent was anounced way back in 2007 as PS3 exclusively, little was heard about the game after 2009 and it was thought to have been cancelled, although Take-Two confirmed in May 2011 that Agent was still in development. In July 2013, Take-Two Interactive registered two trademarks for the game.

    Agent is set during the Cold War and will take players into "the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations". Take a look at some artwork of AGENT revealed by Ex-Rockstar Employee, HERE

    Uncharted 4 For PS4 From Naughty Dog:

    This probably is the safest bet to put on for "Mind Blowing PS4 related announcement" that Geoff is talking about. After the launch of Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog split into two team to focus on two project, first team moved on to work on Uncharted 3 and second team on The Last of Us.

    Uncharted 4

    The Last of Us was released just few months ago, so we can't expect a brand new title from them atleast for two years, so all eyes are laid on what is cooking at Uncharted 3 development team at Naughty Dog?.

    Re-Reveal of The Last Guardian For PS3 And PS4:

    Probably the second safest bet to place on for "Mind-Blowing PS4" related announcement at PS4 All Access Event. Back in September 2013, Shuhei Yoshida (to GameInformer) in loud and clear words said Sony is waiting for right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian.

    The Last Guardian

    Furthermore, on November 4 2013, Santa Monica's former head Allan Becker stated that development work on The Last Guardian is moving in right direction. All these recent statements from big-guns at Sony only raise our hopes of The Last Guardian re-reveal at PS4 All Access Event.

    Let us know in the comment section below, according to you, what this "Mind Blowing PS4" related to announcement at PS4 All Access Event Would be?.

    You will be able to watch live streaming of PS4 All Access Event Right on Gampur, HERE IS THE LINK FOR LIVE STREAMING

  • GTA V Publisher Take-Two files new Agent Trademarks

    Take-Two has renewed trademark registrations for Agent, hinting that developement work of the game is going smooth at Rockstar North.

    AgentThis new trademarks were filed on July 18 by Take-Two with US Patent and Trademark Office. Both marks refer to "computer and video game programs and software" as well as various printed materials like manuals and guide books, while one of them is for the title's logo.

    The mark consists of the word "AGENT" with the shape of a handgun comprising the internal section of the letter "G".

    Agent was first revealed to the gaming world way back in 2009 as a Playstation 3 exclusive game from Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games.

    According to Take-Two, Agent takes players on a paranoid journey into the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations during the height of the Cold War at the end of the 1970s."

  • Swedish Store unveils Dream Line-up for PS4 and Xbox One: Red Dead Redemption 2, Agent and more

    WebHallen, online store in Sweden has listed tons of unnannounced games for PS4 and Xbox One. The discovery was made by NeoGaf user named "Ekim". The store listed games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Agent, Sleeping Dogs 2, Uncharted 4, Just Cause 3 and more.

    Red Dead Redemption 2Here is the full list below. Is E3 2013 going to be the greatest E3 event ever?.

    Swedish Store Xbox One Game Listing 1

    Swedish Store PS4 Game Listing 1

    Swedish Store PS4 Game Listing 2

    Swedish Store PS4 Game Listing 3

    Swedish Store PS4 Game Listing 4

    Source: NeoGaf