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  • Alan Kertz leaves Battlefield 3 Core Gameplay Designer post

    Alan Kertz, Battlefield 3 Core Gameplay Designer, just announced on his personal Twitter account that he is no longer part of Battlefield 3 team. Before some of you jump into any weird conclusion, Alan Kertz also mention that "And no, I'm not leaving DICE. Just departing from the team that's still diligently working on BF3"

    Battlefield 3Now the job of Battlefield 3 Core Gameplay Designer is in the hands of Gustav Halling and Tim Kjell. Alan Kertz also mention that he has moved on to other project at DICE.

    Now the question arise here, what this new project at DICE could be, long awaited Mirrors Edge?, or a brand new Battlefield game Battlefield:2143 or Bad Company 3?. Well only Alan Kertz can answer this question.

    But still what you guys think, what this new project at DICE could be?, let us know in the comment section below.

  • EA confirms Battlefield 3 Squad size is 4

    Battlefield 3 Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz has confirmed that the squad size in game's multiplayer mode is 4 on all platforms.

    Battlefield 3

    A user named "Demize" on Twitter asked Alan Kertz:

    "4 squad memebers shown in HUD in the multiplayer tease trailer, is this the final amount or will more be able to join? Hoping for atleast 6"

    To this Alan Kertz replied:

    "Squad size is 4 on all platforms"

    In Battlefield 2, the Squad size was 6. Battlefield 3 will launch on October 28, and beta for the game will begin in September.


  • Battlefield 3 to feature Gun Dependent Bullet Drop?

    Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer, of one of the much awaited game title Battlefield 3, has hinted working of bullet drop in the game. The details was hinted by Kertz on his Twitter which reads as:

    “there is bullet drop. Doesn’t work the same as BC2 though, it’s a much deeper system” and “bc2 bullet drop is the same for all guns.”

    This implies that each and every gun in the game will have their own and unique bullet drop, if this not the case, than atleast different for different class of weapons.

    Battlefield 3

    A very first teaser trailer for the game was revealed by DICE past week, which confirmed Fall 2011 release window for the game, you can watch trailer here.