• AMY Achievements / Trophies List

    In AMY players "escort the strange 8-year old autistic title character as they try to get her out of a city overrun with wild creatures and enemies". Players take on the role of Lana, the woman escorting Amy and protecting her as the two attempt to escape their disease-ridden town. They encounter monsters and the military, among other foes, in their attempt to escape

    AMY screenCheck out the list of Achievements/Trophies below.

    All Aboard 10
    Finish Chapter 01.

    Loud and Clear 10
    Finish Chapter 02.

    Blasted Metro 10
    Finish Chapter 03.

    Emergency Exit 10
    Finish Chapter 04.

    Contamination 10
    Finish Chapter 05.

    High Voltage 10
    Push an enemy onto an electrical device.

    Bodyguard 20
    Complete a level without the monsters draining Amy’s energy.

    Where are you? 20
    Avoid being seen by the enemy by concealing yourself in a hideout.

    Find Me 20
    Find Amy.

    Survivor (Easy) 10
    Finish the game in Easy mode.

    Survivor (Normal)
    Finish the game in Normal mode.

    Survivor (Hard) 50
    Finish the game in Hard mode.

  • AMY delayed again, now coming "Mid-January"

    Lexis Numerique has delayed the launch of their upcoming survival horror game "AMY". The game was originally schedule for launch in September, then delayed later in the FALL.


    And now of the official Facebook Page of the game, the publisher said AMY will launch on consoles in mid-January. Check out below what Lexis Numerique wrote of Facebook Page of AMY:

    "Hi all – We know many of you have been waiting for a street date. We thought to be able to announce a firm date several times but had to postpone. We’re still waiting for official confirmations from Sony and Microsoft but we can now tell you that AMY should be available in mid-January. Once again, we’re reluctant to announce anything before we have an official go, but we thought it was fair to keep up updated and try to be as transparent as possible. Thanks a lot for your understanding and tremendous support."