• Bethesda is lying about Prey 2: Ex-Human Head Developer

    Ex-Human Head developer Jason L Blair has alleged on Twitter that Bethesda is lying about Prey 2.

    Prey 2Jason alleged that recent rumor of Arkane Studio getting the development rights of Prey 2 has given new life to a lot of old lies.

    The allegations from Jason seems to indicate that Human Head completed development work on Prey 2 but Bethesda decided to put it on hold and not release a completed game.

    And now recent Arkane Studio rumors points out that they are starting from scratch for Prey 2.

    Check out the entire twitter conversation of Jason below.

    NOTE: Jason Blair was narrative designer/writer for Prey 2 and currently works for Volition.

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    Out of all the stealth-based games currently available in the market, Dishonored is simply the BEST of them all

  • Bethesda unveils new Dishonored screenshots

    Bethesda has released some awesome new screenshot of their upcoming game Dishonored developed by Arkane.

    Dishonored tell the story of Corvo, a "legendary" bodyguard to the Empress, who is on his journey to a revenge after Lord Regent accused him of murdering his charge.

    Dishonored screen

    The game is schedule to launch at somepoint next year for PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Check out the new screenshot below:

    Dishonored screenshot Dishonored screenshot 1 Dishonored screenshot 2 Dishonored screenshot 3 Dishonored screenshot 5 Dishonored screenshot 6 

  • GameInformer reveals Arkane's "Dishonored" (Updated)

    Bethesda has just lifted the lid from Arkane's very first game title. It a first person stealth action adventure game called as "Dishonoured".

    Dishonoured screenshot

    Dishonored will be on the front cover of Game Informer's next issue, and according to the details revealed by the magazine, the game is all about "assassination where you don’t have to kill anyone".

    Check out the cover art below (Thanks: GameInformer):

    Dishonored front cover Dishonored spread cover


    The publisher has just confirmed that Dishonored will launch in 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

    Dishonored’s development is led by Arkane co-founder Raf Colantonio, co-creator of the Deus Ex series Harvey Smith. Viktor Antonov.